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Circa Ltd is an establishedTraining Provider based in Bromley in South East London.

We specialise in Business Administration Apprenticeships for people aged between 16-24 years old.


How do Apprenticeships work?


If you are keen to continue learning whether you are already employed or not, an Apprenticeship could be an option for you.

Through the Apprenticeship programme with Circa, you will be able to gain valuable skills and experience in Business Administration - as well as a recognised qualification.


Business Administration is situated at the core of every business - as an Apprentice you will have the opportunity to earn as you learn and improve your interpersonal and business skills. Apprenticeships also offer excellent career progression and even a route to higher level qualifications e.g. foundation degrees.


With Circa, an Apprenticeship will take approximately 15 months to complete - the length of time taken however will depend on the ability of the individual.

Please take a look at the Apprenticeship Framework below.


If you are interested in earning and learning at the same time - it may be worth considering whether an Apprenticeship could be the right step for you.

What Circa do?

Earn whilst

you Learn!